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♪ and with a thousand dollar price on his head. lawrence, in 1867 finally decided to ride further west on business, ♪ unaware that his trail had been picked up by free men: the lone ranger, tonto, and their good friend, marshall john lawton. well, that's as far as i'm able to go with you. my territorial jurisdiction ends here. -thanks, marshall for all your help. i only wish i could have done more. now that lawrence has gotten out of texas, i'm afraid he's going to be very difficult to track down. -him not known further west, marshall? well, to tell the truth he's not even too well known here in my district. we just received the handbills on him here in rockwell a few days before you two rode in. strange he'd head this way instead of towards mexico. not so strange if someone near here has bought his services. well, mister, i sure hope you catch him before he ruins any more lives. we'll do our best. ♪ ♪ ♪ ashes
it will be a boy, girl, twins or triplets. >>> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow live at the whole foods market in cupertino. if you have been looking for a way to help people for the holidays, we have a great idea for you plus we'll talk about that rain coming back all that in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, typhoon in the philippines. 33 villagers wer >>> at least 74 people are dead or missing following a powerful typhoon in the philippines. >> 33 villagers all swept way after a massive wave hit their emergency shelter there. the storm brought in 160-mile- per-hour winds ashore toppling trees and causing widespread power outages. >>> syrian violence is deadly for schoolchildren. state media reports 29 students and a teacher were killed when a mortar slammed into their school outside damascus. the report blames terrorists a term the government uses for rebels. >>> this is live look right now outside the presidential palace in cairo, egypt. this is where roughly 100,000 protestors have gathered in the streets. demonstrations have started to turn violent and police are using tear gas
conduct with david savage. the book details the start of the landmark gay-rights case lawrence v. texas from the rest of john lawrence and tyron garner, to justice can is reading of the supreme court decision in 2003. the ruling that same-sex sexual activity legal in all u.s. states and territories and paved the way for same-sex marriage laws. >> host: you've written a fine book on the supreme court case of lawrence v. texas, a book that tells the story from the beginning to the end. let me begin with sort of a big picture of question at the end. why is the lawrence case important? >> guest: i would say this is probably one of the most important civil rights decisions or constitutional individual liberty decisions from the supreme court over the past 50 years or so. and it's the most important decision so far for the rights of gay men and lesbians. so this is an opinion that is important a great many people, and i think will be longer but in american constitutional history. >> in other words, that was once her of law that was in effect prior to lawrence, and lawrence changed a lot in a
case lawrence v. texas. from the arrest of john lawrence and garner to justice kennedy's reading of the supreme court's decision in 2003. the ruling made same-sex sexual activity legal in all the states and paved the way for same-sex marriage laws. >> host: as you have written a book on the supreme court case of lawrence v. texas. a book that tells that story from the beginning to the end. give us a big picture was the case important? >> guest: i would say it's probably one of the most civil rights decisions or constitutional law individual liberty decisions from the supreme court over the past fifty years or so. and it's the most important decision so far for the rights of gay men and lesbian. it's an opinion that is important to a great many people, and i think we'll be long remembered on american constitutional history. >> host: tell me, in other words it was one sort of law that was in effect prior to lawrence, and lawrence changed the law in a big way. tell me a little bit about the head together lawrence case where the law was before and where it was after. >> guest: well,
to mitigate any negative impacts. sarah and lawrence are people of integrity who will do that. thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening. my name is michelle long. thank you for allowing me to speak and i'm sorry for the late evening. i am a third generation native san franciscan. as a native, i have seen our great city go through many changes and i know how difficult it to be people to see change ms. their neighbors. i am here to support polka dot, to make sure that changes are good for our community as a whole. my son graduated from polka dot and was very prepared when he entered school. my son is fourth-generation san franciscan. while growing up in the city with a working mom i was brought to our next door neighbor's house for home daycare. it was a wonderful experience for me to be close to home, in my neighborhood and run by a caring person who had kids of her own. it was also affordable. i know this many concerns have been expressed by neighbors and i'm glad that people have the forum to express their concerns. they are a strictly neighborhood residential street. their current lo
: what do you think about lawrence karnow's weather forecast? >> hey, i love the weather so far. it's looking good. i see blue skies coming. going to be a beautiful night. >> reporter: in fact, we have your raider nation forecast. as the raters play host to the denver broncos kick off at 5:00 tonight. the clouds are breaking unfortunately. we're anticipating no rain for the first time in seven days in this forecast. the clouds are breaking up. we are also forecasting -- >> whoo! >> -- a big raider nation win tonight. i know lawrence karnow one of the biggest raider fans had town is happy to see that. lawrence, there's a little guy right here who is kind of excited to meet you. >> hi there! how are you doing! > >> reporter: what do you think about the weather today? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> lawrence gets no love. half moon bay. >> reporter: [ laughter ] >> reporter: sounds like a true meteorologist. >> roberta, where's all the food? >> reporter: i got to tell you i was just telling them guys that i had better food at the 49er game! >> oh!! >> can't say is that. >> she st
the mass shootings. edward lawrence has the very latest tonight for "wjz." >> reporter: crowds packed the lone star gun show in fort texas as the gun control debate heats up. some say this is in the wake of the connecticut school shooting. >> i'm 100% for gun control, if someone would coming with gun control that makes sense and make makes a difference. but there is no such thing >> reporter: the organization is getting hammered for the proposal to put armed guards in schools. >> if it's crazy to call for putting police in our securing our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy. i'll tell you what, the american people think it's crazy not to do it. >> reporter: new york senator chuck schumer said nothing should be taken off the table when talking about gun control. >> trying to prevent shootings in schools is like talking about trying to prevent lung cancer without talking about cigarettes. >> reporter: kay daley hutchinson is a gun supporter >> i think we ought to be looking at where the real danger is, the large clips, i think it
the last couple of days because the weather is achangin'. >> that's what lawrence says. >>> chance of rainfall returning even snow on our local mountains tomorrow. mostly clear skies right now and chilly temperatures although we are seeing some fog in some of the north bay valleys. the numbers though dropping off into the 30s and 40s clearer out over the bay right now. 39 degrees in concord, 47 in san francisco. 45 in san jose. some fog and 38 chilly degrees in santa rosa. this afternoon increasing clouds temperatures in the 50s and 60s. rain in the north bay and everybody could see rain overnight tonight. had. >> thank you, lawrence. we continue to follow our breaking traffic news out of daly city. live look overhead from chopper 5. earlier they were zooming in on the car that ran off the road. it is dark but a stretch of highway 35 right there by john daly boulevard where one lane of southbound 35 is closed. northbound traffic is open. i just saw a car zoom by but again this is a nasty accident. a lot of police on scene crews are working hard and a cable to get car out of the dit
you very much. let's jump to the bay bridge. so far this area is dry. of course, as lawrence said that will change and things get busier as the morning progresses. wind advisory for the bay bridge and looks like we're seeing not too bad conditions as you work your way towards the toll plaza. jumping over to our maps we have some road construction to report. 4th street on-ramp 280 just as you come off the skyway is blocked for road construction an ongoing project. should be there at least until about 5:30 this morning. altamont pass good westbound 58014 minutes to 680. the dumbarton bridge, caltrans working hard this morning through there, lanes closed at least until 5:30. one lane is open in each direction. most of those closures are on the westbound side as you work your way towards 101. and 880 windy but so far no delays. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we have the rain but oh, my they have the snow in the midwest. white-out conditions stranding christmas travelers there. the first major snowstorm of the season is crawling across several states. several highways have been closed,
the discretionary review requester, lawrence rambling. this case was initially set to be on hearing on the november 15th hearing as a result of a procedural error, apparently, it had to be continued. at that time, the requester himself, there rambling had a commitment today he could not rearrange. i had requested that we had the hearing on a different date and apparently because of the 90-day policy there was no alternative for doing that. i think it's important that mr. rambling is here. he is the requester and i would ask for a continuance for that because he cannot appear. it has come to my attention this afternoon that apparently the neighbors yesterday, while trying to find if there were other neighbors who mountaining be able to attend today learned from one of them that there is apparently an underground stream that runs under this project. leading us to believe there might be some environmental impacts that have not been addressed and i think a continuance would be appropriate so could you investigate that further. although we have been here a long time today, i am requesting that the commi
to lawrence for his work over the years and putting this together. he's kind of handing it off to you now and i know he's in the background watching, still involved, so he's been a tremendous, a lot of us have a lot of respect for him for all the work he's done to bring it to this point to hand it off to you so you can hand it off to the next level. obviously in january we'll know more. most of the people that i talked to that own properties, get it. i think it's just an educational thing. once they understand they will understand going forward it really works. it's pay it now or pay later, we got to deal with it. it's the price we pay for living in such a wonderful part of the world. good luck with everything and micah, is he here, too? is he working with you? these two can be found at any time downstairs in the chambers, the dungeon offices of city hall. so please i encourage anybody to drop in, i'm sorry, commissioner walker has more questions. >> i just have one question. one of the things we found works also, especially maybe looking at some of the other -- beyond soft story
storm. we start with lawrence who has been keeping an eye on the conditions. >> a very difficult day to get around. we have had numerous lightning strikes this morning, strong gusty winds over 50 miles per hour and of course all the heavy rainfall outside. let's check out high def doppler radar. rain has been coming down in sheets early today, a lot of ponding on the roadways. driving in, i saw numerous wrecks. be careful. there are localized puddles and flooding. we continue to see heavy storms across much of the bay area. in for a closer look now you can see strong storms. along 280, strong storms. further south we see numerous lightning strikes. marine statement has been issued with this line pushing now south of santa cruise into monterey bay. lightning strikes, strong gusty winds, heavy rainfall. we will likely see more of this weather throughout the morning. it looks like it may taper off a bit but we have stronger storms to come. we'll talk more about that. now though in the high country they are getting dumped on with lots of snow. of course it is tough getting there. you
's powering down out of the south. and lawrence has the latest on all that. it's dry up here at least in san francisco. but not for long, yeah, for the north bay it's on the way. >> that is true. but guys, those jordans would look so good on my feet. >> i bet. >> just so now. >> i bet they won't wear them. they will just keep them. >> they are $800? >> yeah. >> that is crazy. i saw people at the mall the other day and they were all lined up. i had to stop by and see what they were lining up for. they were having a raffle and the line was out the door. simply amazing. all right. back to weather, folks. around the bay area today, yeah, we have a pretty good storm headed in our direction. look at the cold front lingering ever so slowly to the south. it's going to be moving today. but it has been dumping lots of rain so far in the north bay. you can see the yellows and the orange, some very heavy rainfall. now an inch of rain into santa rosa, 4" into the mountains, petaluma heavy rainfall. it's slowly moving south. that means it's going to dump a lot of rain throughout the bay area when it gets
on the "washington post." now it's time for lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> ovh, i guess it is showtime. i'm actually trying to finish my christmas shopping. a little bit behind, but, you know, on-line shopping, it will get done. plenty of time to do it during the commercial breaks. let's do this show. with only three business days left until we go off the fiscal curb, says the teleprompter, republicans and democrats are exactly where i always thought they would be. not even close to an agreement. >> christmas is over and most people have the day off. >> we have a dysfunctional congress, but the politicians are still pretending to work. >> people don't like congress. >> it is up to the senate to act. >> harry reid is working on legislation. >> harry reid, the congress and the president. >> the president is cutting his hawaii vacation short to deal with the fiscal cliff. >> really, it's kind of like falling down stairs. we have a dysfunctional congress. >> speaker boehner needs to bring his party along. >> it's pretty clear that he could not bring them along. >> john boehner doesn't seem
word here on msnbc and all seeing of things in washington, the great one and only lawrence o'donnell. lawrence, thank you for joining us. this is very early in the day for you. >> this is earlier than i normally wake up in the day. see, i do very late night tv show. >> i'm familiar with it. >> you've been there once in a while. don't expect much from me at this hour. >> all right. way to set the barlow. very smart strategy there. >> no. i have a strategy for doing this show. without a second of homework, okay? >> you told me that. >> i have no idea what's happening today, i have no idea what the news is. my strategy is simply this. i agree with krystal. that's what i'm going to say. >> that's because she's on your show and agrees with you. >> i wish every guest took that lesson to heart. >> speaking of aagreeing with me, one thing that did happen in the news today -- i'm not sure you're aware of it. >> i have no idea. this is news to me right now. america and i are going to learn this right now live. >> wait for it. senator jim demint announcing he's going to resign from the
, back to you. >>> all right, thank you lawrence. time now is 5:11. the season for giving continues on the gridiron. >> the lucky fan who left this game with a one of a kind souvenir. we'll talk about that. >> two kids from one to 92. >> how embarrassing? >> the christmas greeting from our newsroom. sung from the most part on key. >> not entirely. >> not entirely. okay. >> we'll be right back. what's cool about your school? submit your nomination on the website. maybe you have a choir there that's fantastic. >> maybe. come and feature school right here on our show. >> we'll be back on this christmas morning right after this short break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sweden. he traded in his traditional sleigh ride fore >>> tough santa. let's see him popping a wheelie. santa showing off in sweden. he traded the traditional sleigh ride for a motorcycle. it didn't stop him from popping wheelies for the cameras. >> santa gets around doesn't he? >> some of the elves are dressing uplock santa -- up like santa. >> santa's already been here. >> guess what? he's got some pretty
at >>> it's 6:06 right now. let's check the weather. because lawrence is finally joining us. he is finally back! >> i have been singing all my christmas songs. to your guys' dismay. as i'm walking down the halls here at channel 5. >>> around the bay area today, we have some clouds beginning to gather to our north just starting to slide into the north bay so not quite as cold as it has been but still chilly in spots but you can also see that rain is not too far away either. we are going to see the storm system move in and it's going to be fierce as it slides through. mostly clear over the bay now. temperatures cold in spots. 29 degrees in concord. it is 30 degrees now in livermore. 39 in san jose. and 40 in san francisco. by the afternoon skies will become mostly cloudy. the temperatures only in about the mid- to upper 50s and that's it maybe beginning to see a few showers north of the golden gate bridge. but tonight, a fierce storm headed our way. expect some heavy rain and gusty winds. more storms for the weekend. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrenc
lawrence krauss joi maryland to talk about this. hehe's p he'she's a theop nothing." good morning. help us understand what this really means. we always hear where there's water, there'spbut this ca mercury, right? r it hit has p it hasi extreme temperatures. >> it's probably motte true fo mercury. p we don't know where life live. we'p we'we've discovered o life can live in every environmeenvironment that's oc earth. the most extreme environments. it's not the best place to look for life. in fact, there is water. in fact, the water is located in deep craters, near the north pole. mercury kind of orbits with very little tilt. near the north pole with the deep craters, it never gets subject. that's why it's so cold. but much of the water is covered by a thin layer of organic material. >> all right. i think we're having a little trouble hearing lawrence there. we'll try and get him back because it is a really interesting discussion. we'll work on that. >>> his resume includes two academy awards, five golden globes, and an emmy. now dustin hoffman will be able to add a new honor to that impress
on those freezing roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we have cameras and photographers all over the bay area this morning. here's a live look through san jose. this is 101 near the trimble exit. obviously things are looking good. not too many cars on the road north- or southbound 101. to our bridges, no weather advisories, no major delays at all approaching the pay gates. no metering lights so it's pretty much looking like that all across the upper deck. similar story by the way on the san mateo bridge. completely different had morning than yesterday after that awful fatal accident that really backed up traffic for a while. this morning free and clear both directions between hayward and foster city. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> the highest tides of the year hitting the bay area and they are expected to continue today, as well. the so-called king tides submerged beaches all along the shorelines yesterday. take a look. in some spots the water rushed into town. tide hit its peak yesterday mid- morning. in some areas the water only rows a couple of inches, in
't tell me when i handed out the wiener-dog lasers!?! >>> you can only see lawrence right now -- >> i know. does it off-camera. >> it's a song you don't want stuck in your head especial hi over will toll days on this chris -- especially over the holidays on christmas day. they showed off the horse riding skills from the viral dance and korean rapper psy galloped to youtube history with one billion view for his song and they're still counting. yesterday cnn ranked him eighth most intriguing person in the world. >> who's seven then? >> these are questions i can't answer but he's number eight. he made a lot of money off the one song. >> apparently just a big mansion in l. a.. >>> and now here's lawrence with the weather forecast. >> is it "gangnam style"? >> no, really. >> hey global christmas blessing from the vaticanty. the head of the roman catholic church delivered the annual christmas day message an hour ago. >> overnight the faithful packed st. peters basilica and he asked everyone to remember the essence of christmas rather than a commercial celebration. >>> and also overnight, thousan
.that out loudly, even on sunday morning, which happened this weekend on "meet the press" because lawrence was there. and now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell, which you should watch. have a great night. >>> tonight, who in america is betting on john boehner in his tax showdown with president obama? exactly no one. not even rush limbaugh. >> i don't think there's a republican alive who could stop what's going to happen. >> with the fiscal cliff just 22 days away. >> we're down to the final three weeks. >> the president is on the move. >> i'm willing to compromise a little bit. >> president obama on the ground in michigan. >> i will work with republicans. >> delivering a speech at an engine manufacturing plant. >> i'm willing to compromise a little bit. >> i'm willing to compromise a little bit. >> they are ready to make a deal. >> they are ready to make a deal on tax rates. >> republicans know that they have to give on taxes. >> i don't think there's a republican alive who can stop what is happening. >> senator corker has nailed this one. >> the leverage is going to shif
between 880 and one. looking good on 101 through the south bay heading into san jose. lawrence expressway we have reports of traffic control at that intersection. heading a-longated eight traffic clear toward the maze, southbound to oakland no delays into hayward and fremont actually 880 a nice ride so far. back to you. >> thank you. >> more details about the arrest of a man accused of attacking an autistic girl in oakland. the 16-year-old girl walked away from the fred finch youth center tuesday. federal law prevents staff members from stopping her but they followed her until she got in the area of the fruitvale bart station where she disappeared. she wasn't seen again for two days when a drive found her aboard a bus in san francisco. could she had bruising around the neck where the suspect tried to strangle my daughter. >> the suspect was 36 and was arrested yesterday. alameda county prosecutors could charge him today. >>> police are looking for a man who lobbed a walgreens of narcotics in palo alto. a surveillance camera captured images of the suspect. police say he asked for oxycontin
's handling of the affairs in the middle east. colonel lawrence wilkerson is here to respond. >>> thanks for staying us with >>> thanks for staying us with on "the ed show." this will probably be a long-term problem for governor schneider. these workers are determined to make sure that their voices are going to be heard. labor organizers across the country and across north america are promising to fight. first, governor schneider is up for re-election. they can go after him that way. he will have to win back workers to get near the statehouse in 2014. there's also something called a statutory initiative. activists would need to collect signatures to get a new law past. those are long-term strategies, for now. but the lame duck republicans, you have to give them credit, they are succeeding. they lost eight seats in the november election. they knew they had to force this legislation through now. >> why shut people out? why did we do this? because good ideas get debated and bad ones get rammed through with police protection. >> i rise in opposition to this legislation as the wife of an orga
is over. a lot of rain is coming in now. >> let's get the latest from cbs 5 meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> for a lot of folks it gets the blood pressure going again. this doesn't look as bad. still the rain in spots. it's dumping in some areas right now. you see on our high-def doppler radar, look at all the yellow off the coastline. that's going to be pushing onshore a little later on. this is not going to be as strong as that last series of storms. a closer look you can see that band of moisture through richmond, berkeley and concord. so good downpours there. but it is going to break up as we head into the afternoon. and we're not expecting to see any flooding from the storm system. here it comes right now. it's moving on through. that batch of moisture just off the coastline about to push onshore. so if you haven't seen rain yet, it's coming. so a messy commute early on this morning, but by the afternoon it breaks up. we may see a little bit of sunshine but temperatures fairly mild. a lot of subtropical moisture out there. so we'll keep you in the 50s and 60s. this may be it for the
francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> lawrence karnow was at the ballet last night, ladies and gentlemen, a little culture. >> i wasn't performing. but my little girl is going to be performing this weekend. i mean, it is so cute watching these little girls ballet. so getting excited for that, folks. i think a lot of people getting excited about some dry weather and that's exactly what we're expecting to see over the next few days. some dense fog though showing up in some of th valleys. interior valleys will see very thick fog for the next couple of days. trough along the west coast so temperatures will stay down but not too bad. mild start to the day. 57 san jose. 55 san francisco. mostly cloudy skies and 56 degrees in livermore. as you look around the bay this afternoon, becoming partly cloudy, about 62 in san jose. 26 in morgan 62 morgan hill. east bay 59 degrees in antioch, 60 in concord and 61 livermore. inside the bay we'll see a little sunshine and passing clouds. but some dry weather temperature about 59 degrees in san francisco and about 60 in oakland. that's a look at weather. g
. our political roundtable features two former capitol hill insiders, newt gingrich and lawrence o'donnell. plus, three journalists on the story. >>> the looming fiscal cliff 22 days away. is it stalemate or compromise? we'll go inside the negotiations with two top leaders in just a moment, but i want to start with the ongoing crisis in syria where the assad government is cracking down on its own people. and this week something significant happened. the president signalled a big potential shift in u.s. involvement there. here's what he said. >> i want to make it absolutely clear to assad and those under his command, the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. and if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences, and you will be held accountable. >> nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in syria to bring us the latest on what is a developing story. richard? >> reporter: david, despite increasing criticism and warnings, the government of bashir al assad is revving up its activities. this area was
'll push that and go to the senate and lose. >> good evening. i'm alex wagner in for lawrence o'donnell. just 21 days until we go off the fiscal curve. speaker john boehner went to the floor of the house of representatives to provide an update on a deficit reduction deal. with president obama holding no public events today, it was the perfect opportunity for boehner to try to change the narrative of the current tax debate and shift some of the pressure onto the president, but the white house was ready to respond with props. >> we're still waiting for the white house to identify what spending cuts the president is willing to make. where are the president's spending cuts? >> it's not a mystery. we've seen this before. this is the document that contains the specific spending cuts. the speaker of the house sent us a proposal two page long that included one sentence on revenue. pages 17 to 45, details on proposed sending cuts by the president. pages 17 to 45. i recommend them to you. >> speaker boehner's attempt to play the reality card was met with a reality heck from nancy pelosi.
again reared his head to attack president obama's foreign-policy. lawrence wilkerson will show us how what the former vice president still isn't shooting straight. >>> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. michigan became the 24 states in the union to past so-called right to work legislation, a major birthplace of the labor moment became the latest target of the right wing. big money interest infiltrating statehouses across this nation. this is what is happening. it's time to pay attention. thousands of protesters jammed the capital in lansing, michigan, as the lame duck session passed the right to work bill. demonstrators made their passions known. >> right to work is wrong! right to work is wrong! right to work is wrong! right to work is wrong! >> these protesters are well informed and understand exactly what is happening in their state today. >> they want to be able to control us and set the pay raise for us, benefits, do all that. have schneider and those guys walk in our shoes. have them do what we do one day, and for what we work for right now, it does not compare to wh
right now, outside or the cbs 5 studios? >> let's ask lawrence. it feels like in here -- >> it's freezing in here. >> i am perfectly warm today. i think it's just working with you guys. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> yeah. >> that's cold. >> that's real mean. >> sorry about that. hey, folks, looks like we have some cold temperatures showing up outside. frost advisories in the east bay but now the storm clouds starting to roll in and that's starting to warm up the temperatures a little bit. seeing some of those showers most of it off the coastline but now you can see some rainfall making its way into parts of the north bay along the 101. watch out for that. you have may just briefly need the windshield wipe, but really other than that doesn't look too bad. this is going to be a glancing blow with the system as it's going to stay -- the core of it is going to stay off the coast dragging the clouds along the coastline for the better part of the day today meaning better chance of rain approaching the coastline. still, the temperatures outside very chilly to begin with. earlier freezing in
and traffic, we'll did to meteorologist lawrence karnow and we're talking -- -- we'll go to meteorologist lawrence karnow and we're talking about -- it's warm in here today! what's going on? >> if you are coming to our studio this morning, ladies and gentlemen, you have no problems. >> nice and toesy. >> this is unusual. >> today is very, very warm. but it is very wet outside in spots today as we are seeing scattered showers this morning. heading out this morning, the roads are slick out there. be very careful. as we've seen very low-level moisture moving in. but bringing in lots of heavy drizzle, some light showers outside. taking you toward the east bay you can see some of that there near berkeley and also near oakland but it's scattered and that's what we're going to see throughout the morning hours and tapering off this afternoon the still it is a wet and breezy start to the day. some of those winds 17 miles per hour into fairfield. out over the bay skies mostly cloudy, continuing to see some of those light showers at this time. the temperatures aren't too bad. mainly into the 50s out
, but there now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> on a typical day in america 33 people are murdered with guns. on a typical day in connecticut no one is murdered with guns. in a typical year here in newtown, connecticut, no one is murdered with a gun, but newtown has now proved to anybody who didn't already know it that the worst american way of death, mass murder, really can happen anywhere. >> reality set in a bit today in newtown, connecticut, a town that laid two 6-year-old boys to rest. >> funerals were held for jack pinto and noah poznor. >> they began at 1:00 toted. >> svrss are planned for tuesday. >> you try to feel their pain, but you can't. you try to find some words that you hope will be adequate knowing that they'll be inadequate. >> we have begun processing the sxefd analyzing the evidence. >> sandy hook elementary could be a crime scene for months. >> we've seized it under search warrants, and we're going to hold those locations until we've completed our work. >> school districts across the country have been boosting security. >> we'r
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